Personal Invitations by Phone

Making your marketing more personal

All our phone calls are invitations to a conversation, an interaction between both ends of the phone rather than a one sided sales pitch. We've found this approach results in more receptive prospects and generates higher quality leads for your business.

Our focus on relationships extends to our cold-calling campaigns. Our call center becomes a point-of-contact for your prospects as soon as they answer the phone, and we make sure their experience with you is a positive one!


Hearing Success

Our trademark approach for the hearing health industry

Extending personal invitations by phone becomes even more crucial when reaching out to those who are hard-of-hearing, and elderly who are already wary of telemarketers.

We have tailored our campaigns for the hearing health industry to be personal, relatable, and patient. We avoid the pushy hard sell that can easily result in hang-ups and irreparable distrust of your company. It is more important than ever that we act as trustworthy brand representatives of your organization.