Our trademark approach to telemarketing, inviting prospects to a conversation rather than an immediate hard sell.

"Personal Invitations by Phone" is our approach to all projects for our clients. We extend a PIP on every call we make on your behalf. Whether we're setting appointments, conducting surveys, gathering feedback, or other projects, we always invite your prospects to enter into a conversation. Through our invitations we welcome your customer to begin a new relationship or deepen an existing one. Our personal, professional invitations will build, strengthen, and maintain your valuable hard-won relationships.

Our clients hear from us daily during our appointment setting, sales, or survey telemarketing activity. Immediate feedback is essential to successful management of your marketing campaign. At TeleConcepts we pride ourselves on providing you information in a timely manner. As you know, it is much more cost-effective to retain a good customer than to acquire a new one. When we uncover critical information from your clients or prospects that will impact your bottom line, you want to know about it NOW! Not when a hard-won client or prospect has chosen to do business with a competitor!

Since 1986, TeleConcepts has been serving businesses all over the U.S. We have the experience to successfully help you find what works in your market. A professional, positive contact with your clients is always a good investment!


Since 1995, through our Hearing Success program, TeleConcepts has become a market leader in telephone support for the hearing health industry.

Since time and money is critical, a proven marketing professional can help you focus your campaign and capture qualified clients/patients. In today's market, people are more cautious about their spending. Yes, they're still buying hearing aids, but they're carefully comparing hearing health providers.

Hearing Success is not a redundant component in your marketing plan. Every prospect we bring in to your office, and the people that purchase as a result of our efforts, would not be your client without TeleConcepts. They did not respond to your mail, print, radio, or TV ad, they responded to our personal approach. TeleConcepts means business! We will never make those dreaded, high-pressure telemarketing calls.

Our Hearing Success program is an extension of our "Personal Invitations by Phone" tailored for your hearing-impaired prospects. Our invitation to a two-way conversation allows them to discover what you have to offer in a positive way.