We’ve tried the rest and found Marcy and TeleConcepts are by far the best.
— Gregg Olsen
I have been in the business for over 20 years. It is Marcy Walker and her team of professionals at TeleConcepts that I turn to when my marketing needs a shot in the arm. I believe there is no company more qualified than TeleConcepts to work with my patients and prospects. P.S. If you want to be reminded of what great customer follow-up is, use TeleConcepts once.
— Wesley Miller
I’ve had the opportunity to work with Marcy and her TeleConcepts team a number of times over the last few years. Marcy’s team has outperformed all the other companies I’ve tested and has been a valuable partner. I will continue to use TeleConcepts in the future for my telemarketing needs. She manages her team effectively and coaches them to connect well with our clients. They do a great job promoting our business.
— Ben Norris
TeleConcepts is a pleasure to work with.  They are consistent in scheduling quality appointments and I appreciate their follow through.
— Bob Baber
As a small business owner, I watch every marketing dollar very closely. Investing in TeleConcepts was money well spent. They helped increase my sales, were honest, hard working and thorough. I look forward to using their services again.
— Joe Sacco
TeleConcepts has done a great job calling for our Open Houses. They are a big improvement over the last company we used. Their representatives are pleasant and efficient when dealing with our clients and potential clients and have set quality appointments for us. Marcy is smart, efficient, and a pleasure to deal with. She makes sure her callers are completely prepared to do a good job for us and she communicates really well with our staff. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs good telemarketers to represent their company.
— Shawn Veight
Our Franchise had not used Open House Sales approach in several years. When we finally decided to start using this approach to hopefully increase sales we were very concerned about creating a positive experience in all phases of the Open House... Our experience with TeleConcepts has been exemplary... Marcy has been exceptionally helpful in many different ways. She has made suggestions on being able to access our schedules, place potential clients in specific gaps, communicate with the precise store when necessary, email and contact management quickly and professionally and making an effort to understand what we need and to communicate that to her staff... We will not hesitate to use Marcy Walker and TeleConcepts in our future Open House events.
— Dave Callahan
I love TeleConcepts integrity and follow-through. I know they are looking out for me and my patients when they work an event for us.
— Ryan Neider
The care Marcy takes with each individual case is remarkable.  We genuinely trust with each event, we are getting Teleconcepts’ best efforts.  Throughout our partnership, the results have been strong and consistent.  That is what we have come to expect and truly value from Marcy and her team.
— Scott Lau
I have used Marcy Walker and her TeleConcepts staff since early 2016. They maximize every opportunity to sell hearing aids during our 3-day events with more appointments and a high show rate. With TeleConcepts following our mail pieces we “hit from all sides” so we get the most out of the promotion.
— Jason Shillingstad
Marcy and her team are my secret weapon for a successful open house . The ROI with TeleConcepts is consistently high.  Marcy always treats my job as though it’s the only one she has. I appreciate her devotion and dedication to booking appts correctly. Congratulations on 30 years and keep up the great work!
— Debbie Bleich
You and your staff work quickly and efficiently to set appointments exactly how we want them set. Our books have been filled with sellable appointments. We greatly appreciate the feedback that you provide to us regarding anything of importance that you learn from our customers.
— Paula Cain
Over the years I have used many telemarketing agencies with very little if any success. At the recommendation of a fellow franchisee, I reluctantly called TeleConcepts and spoke with Marcy. From my very initial conversation with her I knew this experience was going to be different. Marcy was TRULY invested in the success of the campaign and interested in doing whatever was necessary for it to have a positive outcome. While other companies promise big things and fail to deliver, Marcy did not promise anything except exceptional customer service and a commitment to go above and beyond — which she and her team completely exceeded... It really is a partnership when you work with Marcy and her group.
— Daniela LoPresti
Marcy and her staff at TeleConcepts made all the difference in the success of our promotions. We send out over 10,000 pieces of mail for our open house events. TeleConcepts has more than doubled the number of our appointments. Each appointment they schedule is very well qualified. Not only do they call prospects but they also call our inactive patients. I am certain we would not have had the success we have had with our open houses had we not used their service. I would highly recommend TeleConcepts to complement your advertising efforts. They are extremely professional and have gone above and beyond for our practice.
— Shawn McNamara